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Creating a Dynamic Future


Welcome to Bidyadanga

Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community (La Grange) is located on the Kimberley coast in Western Australia, 1590 kilometres from the capital city of Perth and 180 kilometres from Broome.

The recognised traditional owners of the land are the Karajarri people.

Bidyadanga is the largest remote Aboriginal community in Western Australia with a population of approximately 850 residents and is home to the Karajarri, Juwalinny, Mangala, Nyungamarta and Yulpartja language groups.

Rich in history, art and culture and with a developing economy, Bidyadanga has many community facilities and infrastructure to support community's people.

The word Bidyadanga comes from a word for "emu watering hole" (pijarta or bidyada).

Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community La Grange Inc (BACLG) was incorporated in 1975 as a not-for-profit organisation to administer government-funded programs such as the Daycare service, Municipal Services, and agencies of Centrelink and Australia Post, for the community. A Council of community representatives governs the organisation.

The Council is comprised of two members of each of the five language groups that reside in Bidyadanga. Council elections are held every three years.

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A strong, engaged community creating a dynamic future.

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