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Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Max Beadles' Footy Boots Donation

Max Beadle was the most popular person in Bidyadanga today when he gave away 200 pairs of footy boots. It was just like Christmas for the kids!

Kids of all ages could choose from a variety of colours and sizes. Many put them on straight away and started kicking a ball around, even though it was 35+ degrees. It was such a wonderful start to the Easter Long Weekend.

Max is a CHAMPION and an inspiration.

'Thank you so much for thinking of Bidyadanga!

Max Beadle, from Broome, is going to boarding school in Melbourne and has been doing a school community project to collect pre-loved footy boots from kids in Melbourne and bring them to Bidyadanga.

1 commentaire

11 mars 2023

Great job, Max!! Reminds me of the time my family and I did the same thing a couple years ago and it totally made their day!!

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